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Top 3 TIPs for Summer Trailer Maintenance

Summer is the time of year when we tend to forget about general trailer maintenance. The sun's shining, the weather is hot, what could go wrong? Our trailers need care year-round, but this is the ideal time to inspect all areas as opposed to winter when they’re covered in snow and salt. Whether it’s a tire, your brakes, or the trailer itself, get ahead of any replacements so you’re not left stranded in the winter.

Inspect pressure and monitor tires to prevent blow-outs from the hot rubber

  • Set inflation system correctly so tires have the right amount of pressure 
  • Under/over inflating can cause failure and result in a blown tire
  • Under inflating can cause an increase in fuel consumption

Ensure good working conditions as the hot weather can cause overheating and fires

  • Do not lock brakes and drag trailer unless necessary
  • Connections should not be worn and corroded

Ensure unit is set at proper temperature to prevent freezing

  • Perform regular maintenance and pre-trip to prevent gas leaks and malfunction
  • Products are to be pre-cooled as reefers only maintain cool
  • Defrost unit within 1 hour of loading or every 3-4 hours if hauling fresh produce

Other TIPs to Consider:

  • Open trailer doors for cool down
  • Ensure air lines are not cracked and are in proper working condition
  • Keep the radiator clean and clear of exterior obstructions
  • Flush and fill the radiator with factory spec coolant to prevent overheating
  • Only use water as an “antifreeze” until proper fluid can be added

Why is it important to cover all these needs?
The operator must ensure that their trailers only go out in truly roadworthy condition. This is why it is beneficial to work closely with an experienced TIP provider, that has the expertise in running and maintaining fully compliant trailer fleets.

Any time, any place, TIP is there!
Talk to our trailer maintenance experts today. Find a location near you!


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