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Shunt Trucks

Shunt trucks are available for purchase, rent or long-term basis, with an extensive inventory to choose from. Specialized orders are also available.

Shunt truck rentals

Shunt truck rentals have become a popular feature with both our carrier and private fleet customers. Shunt trucks are available on a short or long-term basis and we have a large inventory to choose from.

Customers generally rely on our shunt truck rentals to supplement their equipment during peak seasons, to temporarily sub in for equipment being serviced or to free up their assets for other applications.

A proud distributor of Terberg shunt trucks

Designed for moving trailers in distribution centres, transport depots, container terminals and airports, Terberg Shunt Trucks are the perfect choice for almost any operation, big or small. Whether you're looking to rent, lease or buy, we can accommodate almost any request and are more than happy to tailor a plan to fit your company's individual needs.

The exclusive dealer in Canada

TIP Canada is the exclusive dealer for Terberg distribution tractors in Canada. These low maintenance and fuel efficient tractors are internationally known for their quality, safety, durability and ease of use. Highlights include:

  • Highly reliable while boasting the lowest operating and maintenance costs in the industry
  • Spacious and comfortable driver's cab offers excellent visibility and has an inboard door for safety and convenience
  • All-steel cab structure (fully FOPS and ROPS tested) ensures maximum driver protection
  • Terberg's worldwide distributor network ensures professional after-sales support & service
  • Widely used in over 90 countries

Diesel, Fully Electric and Hydrogen Options available.

For more information on Terberg Shunt Trucks, contact James Currier at 647.393.4414 or James.Currier@TIP-Canada.ca

Download the Terberg YT-Series Brochure or visit the Terberg website.

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