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Reefer Trailers

Trailers that are fitted with a refrigeration unit to enable goods, such as food, drink or pharmaceuticals, to be temperature controlled.

Within our van category we have a great selection of refrigerated trailers. This is a great asset to our customers transporting perishable commodities. Cool, frozen, ambient and protect from freezing are all accommodated.

Some features available:

  • From pups to full length 53' tandem and tridem axle trailers
  • Single, multi and hybrid temp loads
  • Aerodynamic fairings/side skirts
  • Liftgate/tailgate
  • Aluminum duct or flat floor, dock wall, vents, dome lights, front wall bulkhead and air chute
  • Side-wall, nose, ceiling and/or floor insulation
  • Roll-up or swing barn doors and side doors
  • Tire inflation system
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