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Flat Decks and Drop Frames

Convenient and Easy Access to Your Cargo

Flat Decks - Convenient and Easy Access to Your Cargo

Options available:

  • 28', 32', 40', 45', 48', 53' flat decks with tandem, tridem or quad axles, extendable (up to 90')
  • Trombones, Curtain-side decks/china-tops, Roll-tight decks and Super b flat decks
  • Sliding suspension
  • Aluminum, steel or combo flat decks
  • Cargo straps and winches for load securement
  • Rolling tarp systems


Drop Decks, Lowbeds and Trombones Designed to Carry Unique, Large Pieces of Freight

Options available:

  • Tandem drop deck, Tridem drop deck/ step deck, Double drop/ machinery trailer/ RGN with tandem or tridem axles
  • Tandem or Tridem lowbed, Scissor neck trombone lowbed
  • Tridem step trombone deck, Double drop trombone, Trombone highboy extending 53' closed and 90' open
  • Air ride or spring ride suspension
  • Tandem jeeps
  • 6' deck extension
  • Single axle booster
  • Accommodating 9 axle combination, 10 axle combination, 13 axle combination
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